What fonts come with Windows 10 or Microsoft Office 2016?

Up until now Microsoft have listed the fonts that come with different version of their products.

This link to their latest listing is very ambiguous and doesn’t even list Windows 10 or Office 2016 against Arial which doesn’t make any sense at all.

I picked up in a tech forum this very helpful post where someone has transcribed what they had on a new machine. Here’s the key part of that conversation:

“I too am looking for this information (Office 2016) and cannot find it.

Rather than wait, I painstakingly transcribed this list from my own installation on a 1-week-old Windows 10 system with Office 2016: Agency FB Algerian Regular Arial Arial Rounded MT Bold Baskerville Old Face Regular Bauhaus 93 Regular Bell MT Berlin Sans FB Bernard MT Condensed Blackadder ITC Regular Bodoni MT Bodoni MT Poster Compressed Light Book Antiqua Bookman Old Style Bookshelf Symbol 7 Regular Bradley Hand ITC Regular Britannica Bold Broadway Regular Brush Script MT Italic Calibri Californian FB Calisto MT Cambria Cambria Math Regular Candara Castellar Regular Centaur Regular Century Gothic Century Schoolbook Chiller Regular Colonna MT Regular Comic Sans MS Consolas Constantia Cooper Black Copperplate Gothic Corbel Core your New Courier Regular Curlz MT Regular Ebrima Edwardian Script ITC Regular Elegant Icons Regular Elephant Engravers MT Expanded Medium Eras ITC Felix Titling Regular Fixedsys Regular FontAwesome Regular Foot light MT Light Forte Regular Franklin Gothic Franklin Gothic Book Freestyle Script Regular French Script MT Regular Gabriola Regular Gadugi Garamond Georgia Gigi Regular Gil Sans Gill Sans MT Gloucester MT Extra Condensed Goudy Old Style Goudy Stout Regular Haettenschweiler Regular Harlow Solid Semi Expanded Italic Harrington Regular High Tower Text Impact Regular Imprints MT Shadow Regular Informal Roman Regular IPAGothic Regular IPAMincho Regular IPAPGothic Regular IPAPMincho Regular Javanese Text Regular Jokerman Regular Juice ITC Regular Kristin ITC Regular Kunstler Script Regular Latin Wide Leelawadee Leelawadee UI Lucida Bright new and Lucida Calligraphy Italic Lucida Console Regular Lucida Fax Lucida Handwriting Italic Lucida Sans Lucida Sans Typewriter Lucida Sans Unicode regular Magneto Bold Maiandra GD Regular Malgun Gothic Matura MT Script Capitals Regular Microsoft Himalaya Regular Microsoft JhengHei Microsoft JhengHei UI Microsoft New Tai Lue Microsoft PhagPa Microsoft Sans Serif Regular Microsoft Tai Le Microsoft Uighur Microsoft YaHei Microsoft YaHei UI Microsoft Yi Baiti Regular MingLui_HKSCS-ExtB Regular MingLui-ExtB Regular Mistral Regular Modern No. 20 Regular Modern Regular Mongolian Baita Regular Monotype Corsiva Italic MS Gothic Regular MS Outlook Regular MS P Gothic Regular MS Reference Sans serif Regular MS Reference Specialty Regular MS Sans Serif Regular MS Serif Regular MS UI Gothic Regular MT Extra Regular MV Boli Regular Myanmar Text Niagara Engraved Regular Niagara Solid Regular Nirmala UI NSimSun Regular OCR A Extended Old English Text MT Regular Onyx Regular Palace Script MT Italic Palatino Linotype Papyrus Regular Parchment Regular Perpetua Perpetua Titling MT Playbill Regular PMingLiU-ExtB Regular Poor Richard Regular Pristina Regular Rage Italic Ravie Regular Rockwell Roman Regular Script MT Bold Script Regular Segoe MDL2 Assets Regular Segoe Print Segoe Script Segoe UI Segoe UI Emoji Regular Segoe UI Historic Regular Segoe UI Symbol Regular Showcard Gothic Regular SimSun Regular SimSun-ExtB Regular Sitka Banner Sitka Heading Sitka Small Sitka Subheading Sitka Text Small-cap fonts Regular Snap ITC Regular Stencil Regular Sylfaen Regular Symbol Regular System Bold Tahoma Tempest Sans ITCRegular Terminal Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Tw Cen MT Univers Condensed Oblique Verdana Viner Hand ITC Regular Vivaldi Italic Vladimir Script Regular Webdings Regular Wingdings 2 Regular Wingdings 3 Regular Wingdings Regular Yu Gothic Yu Gothic UI ZWAdobeF Regular”

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Come and see us on stand b2 at the BLTF

We’re exhibiting again at the British Legal Technology Forum 2018.

If you’re going to be there come and visit us. We can demo our products, particularly Brochet Paste which remains the market leading tool to repair and clean up legal numbered documents (and along the way do the job of a restyler as well).

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Every Cloud…

Brochet has signed a partnership arrangement with Danish software firm, Templafy.

The collaboration between the two organisations combines complementary capabilities to create and edit corporate branded, legally compliant documents and presentations using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Read More

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Will lawyers produce documents differently in 2025?

At the Business Leadership Summit 2017 run by the Lawyer we hosted a roundtable discussion looking at, amongst other things, whether Microsoft Word would still be the document programme in 2025.

No one saw an obvious alternative to Microsoft Word and anticipated it would still be used to write and edit documents. The attendees were very very conscious of how content is generated. One person noted how their time is wasted rewriting standard clauses. The integrity of the document and how it was distributed, stored and comments captured was a concern of the group. The role of AI to review, check and identify content was something that everyone was very aware of and their firms were involved in to varying degrees.

Microsoft Word was seen to be a static product and was not a management focus.

However that reveals a mismatch with the view of lawyers working day to day with Word. In the research ‘Are client relationships compromised by inadequate investment in Word?’ that Brochet commissioned from The Lawyer Research Service, 99% of fee earners agreed Word was critical for them but 40% believe their firm has not invested or developed tools in Word.

Plenty of frustrations were aired and they were also reflected in the research – particularly working with numbering, collaboration and applying house style.

At Brochet we have developed a tool for fee earners (and DPU), Brochet Paste,  that will clean and repair legal numbered text in one click.

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We’re sponsoring Business Leadership Summit run by The Lawyer

Next Tuesday 26th September we will be at the Business Leadership Summit at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel, London.

We are going to be releasing the research ‘Microsoft Word in law firms – Are client relationships compromised by inadequate investment in Word?’ We worked with The Lawyer Research Service to ensure the research was independent and rigorously carried out.

Everyone saw Word as a critical tool and yet that wasn’t matched by a commitment to invest in Word or get the most out of it.

If you’re going to the Summit we’ll have copies available and will be discussing it at our round table.

Otherwise if you’d like to get in touch we can email you a copy.

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Today is Brochet’s 21st birthday

Brochet 21st birthday logo

Brochet was incorporated on the 19th June 1996 – that’s 21 years to the day. Read More

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InDesign or Microsoft Word?

Word? Are you serious?!

If you use Adobe InDesign the normal comment on Microsoft Word is: IT’S RUBBISH. For our money that is normally the response of someone who hasn’t stopped to consider the differences.

Read More

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Business Leadership Summit September 2016

Thank you to everyone who joined our roundtable at the Business Leadership Summit run by the Lawyer last week. Read More

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Bond Dickinson case study

We’ve added a case study about Bond Dickinson’s upgraded legal template system.  The article has also been published on LSN (Legal Support Network).

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What’s so special about the last paragraph marker in a Word document?

In our training sessions we often advise users not to copy the last paragraph maker when copying and pasting between documents.

What is it about the last paragraph marker that makes it so special? Read More

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