Automating Microsoft Office to achieve higher productivity and greater impact

Key benefits

We save companies significant time by helping them to quickly and reliably produce high quality, professional and consistently branded documents in Microsoft Office. Our video (2.5 mins) gives a flavour of the potential to make users lives easier.

video of Brochets cappability in word

How Microsoft Word can work for you


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  • Time saving
  • Simple to use templates
  • Efficient document management and production
  • Reliable brand implementation
  • Great looking documents


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  • Sophisticated, stylish presentations
  • Reliable brand implementation
  • Clean professional templates
  • Corporate presentation manager tool

A client endorsement

The design agency Tothepoint featured a Word template we developed for one of their clients

A little more background

Brochet has over 18 years' experience of developing Microsoft Word and PowerPoint functionality (VBA macros), features and templates. So we help organisations to save time and money and project their brand more effectively.

Most of our current work is in Office 2010. A few of our large corporate clients amazingly are still using Office 2003 but the majority have now migrated to Word 2010. We see a one or two 2007 installations but now Office 2013, along with Office 365, seems to be gathering momentum.

To date we have been able to meet every client request to develop a custom feature in Word.

The easiest way to get to grips with our templates is to see them working live. We are very happy to come and show you some of our work and discuss any issues you have. Alternatively we demonstrate live over the internet using WebEx. There is a our main illustrative video but we also have a rather old  video of a simple letter template in use.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use solutions, minimal training. Most clients are able to start using our templates without training or with a maximum of an hour's demonstration
  • Easy to install and maintain no additional IT costs because they are developed within Word (using VBA and Visual Studio). All company information (address details etc) is held in a single, separate data file allowing the client to make text changes (address, partner lists) with minimum testing.
  • Consistent corporate brand everyone can create documents that have a consistent and professional look and feel.
  • Easy to collaborate on documents. Users find it straightforward to work on a shared document and move it between them without any presentation issues.
  • Value for money one client installed a suite of our Word templates in 2003 and did not require our help until 2007 when they re-branded. During this time they moved offices twice and opened a number of new European offices the details of which appeared on their letterheads.
  • Improved productivity as staff can create documents in the corporate style more swiftly without having in-depth knowledge of Word.
  • Highly reliable and robust using a separate data file means that changes do not affect the functioning of the templates and reducing the testing / down time.


For many people the way in which we can develop Microsoft Word to suit your business can be a real surprise. It goes well beyond a layout where you need to highlight and overtype text. We create a straightforward introductory screen which allows you to input the main information into the document. It is then supported by a dedicated toolbar which gives quick access to specific styles and functions. The basics of how our templates work are explained in What is a Word template?

Quote dp Van Walsum

In the last year some of our clients have returned simply because they are re-branding or migrating to Office 2010.